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Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Lucier

From a very young age, drawing, sketching and creative activities were a big part of life for Jacqueline Lucier. As a largely self-taught artist, practice study and experimentation were key to her growing as an artist. Her ‘Vision’ display is a scene of an idyllic Christmas. The children are excited! Santa came and drank the milk and ate the cookies. It is snowing outside for a very white holiday. Mom and Dad are not depicted, but their presence is signified by their slippers on the carpet – imagine them cuddling on the sofa and stealing a kiss or two. Jacqueline hopes this scene makes you happy and shows what really matters in our lives. Love, family, happiness, home and peace, for a better new year just on the horizon. Thank you, Jacqueline!

‘Visions of Holiday Splendor’ is a seasonal artist installation, with seven local artists completed eight holiday and seasonal themes works to be displayed throughout downtown spaces. Each artist and their work will be featured throughout the month of December.