Jeffrey Payette

After 20 years as a Connecticut State Trooper, with the last 11 years of my career spent processing, documenting and photographing primarily homicides, I am now able to document the world in a different way. My experiences have given me the ability to see things a little differently; focusing on detail, while being able to appreciate simple things and the peaceful calm of interesting landscapes, wildlife, and architecture. My wife Rebecca’s passion for Birding is contagious and has led to an almost daily search for unusual, or interesting feathered friends while hiking our dog (Kota) in the forests of Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. My goal is to express what I see in the world around me onto print in a way which captures that very moment which grabbed my attention. My focus is primarily the many Wildlife Management Areas and State Forests of my backyard of Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, with occasional adventures to other far away lands to include Cape May New Jersey, Nevada, Alaska, Ireland, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Iceland among others. Hopefully, seeing some of my images will inspire you to go outside, explore, and support your local parks and forests while appreciating the landscapes and wildlife you may have never known were around you.  To view and purchase his art, visit his Etsy Shop.

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