Alla Markelova

I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. I dedicated my childhood to sports. Acrobatic was my life. I became the National Champion of the former Soviet Union for power tumbling and was awarded the title “Master of Sport”. I have my master’s degree in Science biology-physiology and a massage therapy license. In June 1999, I moved to the USA. In 2000 I graduated from Adult Education School, English as a Second Language Program. In the fall of 2000, I became a student at Three Rivers Community College. In 2005, I became a Registered Nurse specializing in Wound Care.  I always had a passion for health and healing. I have been studying and practicing different healing modalities such as Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Healing Touch, Su – Jok Therapy, and I became certified in Hypnotherapy, Auricular acupuncture(detox), and Reconnective Healing. In 2014, I completed a Master’s Degree Program in Integrative Health and Healing.  My artistic journey started in the fall of 2017. I returned from a trip to my homeland - Russia. It was not a regular visit to my family or vacation. It was the worst tragedy in my life. I lost my dad, who was my life mentor and best friend.  Suddenly, I had a desire to paint. I genuinely believe it was the Universal power that guided me to be able to cope with my grief.  I started seeing different images and pictures that appeared in my head like a slide show. When I'm working on a picture that comes into my head, it flows from my heart. It almost seems effortlessly charged with an unseen energy. Some images come to my mind spontaneously, others inspired by nature and beauty.  My work is primarily in acrylic, but I also use colored pencils, pastels, and oil. I paint on canvas and paper and do some work on wood, goose eggs, candles, and stones.

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