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    Awards night!

    Great showing at our Awards night! Thank you Theresa LaCasse for hosting the Art Guild, “Inspired by the Masters”,Mayor Barney Seney for always showing up and supporting the Arts and all the Artists who entered! Congratulations to our top 3 winners! Annika…

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    Jersey Barrier Project

    Stop by Bear Hands Brewing Company this summer to enjoy a cold drink and the beautiful murals painted by Northeast Connecticut Art Guild!

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    Feel the Love Campaign

    ART GUILD NORTHEAST ARTISTS FEEL THE LOVE IN PUTNAM: Elaine Turner, president of the Northeastern Connecticut Art Guild says art is very much about the heart and our passion and intuition. That’s why her organization of local artists signed on…

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    Artist Spotlight: Elaine Turner

    Elaine Turner, President of Northeastern Connecticut Art Guild Inc. and member of Putnam Arts Council, is our final artist for ‘Visions of Holiday Splendor’. Her panel portrays the farmland and having grown up in the city, Elaine truly appreciates living…

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    Artist Spotlight: Kayla Trant

    Our sixth ‘Vision of Holiday Splendor’ was painted by Kayla Trant, with the assistance of her daughter, Ada and son, Colin. ‘Starring The Tree’ shows a family of Snowmen, starring a their beautiful Christmas Tree. Kayla and Ada hope you…

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    Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Lucier

    From a very young age, drawing, sketching and creative activities were a big part of life for Jacqueline Lucier. As a largely self-taught artist, practice study and experimentation were key to her growing as an artist. Her ‘Vision’ display is…

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    Artist Spotlight: Sean Farrell

    The amazing work of Sean Farrell is now on display on Main Street as part of the ‘Visions of Holiday Splendor’ artist installation. Sean is a highly collected, full-time artist who lives and works in Woodstock, CT. His inspiration for…

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    Putnam Barrel Project

    What started off as merely a musing is now a delightful reality! Elaine Turner, President of the local Art Guild, set eyes on those heavy industrial wooden refuse barrels last spring. She imagined stripping away years of age and weather…

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    Plein Aire 2020

    Thank you, Barbara and everyone who came out to this Saturday’s Plein Aire Workshop! Below are some photos from our day at Barbara’s beautiful farmhouse and gardens.