Freeing the Creative Soul with Judith Meyers

September 15th + 22nd 9am to 11am

at Windows Art Gallery, Putnam CT

If you have never ventured beyond painting with a brush on a canvas, this workshop will free you of pre-conceived beliefs regarding how a painting can be created. Participants will paint on a sheet of aluminum using non- traditional tools. Although many different techniques are possible with these materials. I will be demonstrating those with which I was first introduced to painting on aluminum by artist: David Dunlop (please google before attending to see his work!)

During this two part series you will experiment with non-traditional materials and techniques to expand your personal repertoire and assist you in finding your unique creative voice. All levels of experience are welcome! This is a two part workshop *Must attend both days.

To reserve your place, the Event Coordinator must receive the registration form and full payment by September 10th. You will receive e-mail confirmation of your successful reservation.

Please complete the Registration Form, scan and send to Elaine Turner or send by mail to the address located on the form and complete your online payment below.

Members: 2 days $70.00

Non-Members: 2 days $80.00

*These fees include $10 for Aluminum sheets. Must attend
both classes to complete the artwork. Minimum of 10 to hold this class, Maximum of 15.