Feel the Love Campaign

ART GUILD NORTHEAST ARTISTS FEEL THE LOVE IN PUTNAM: Elaine Turner, president of the Northeastern Connecticut Art Guild says art is very much about the heart and our passion and intuition. That’s why her organization of local artists signed on to sponsor Putnam’s Feel the Love campaign. “This is the first time the Art Guild has sponsored an event. We always ask people to sponsor us and our events and we thought giving and receiving are both important and it is time that we show our appreciation for what The Putnam Business Association has done for us. We have received grants and donations over the years and we’re so grateful that we want to give back and help spread the love in Putnam.” Alison Ciarlante, an artist from Woodstock is all in for this local effort and added, “Art is important to me because I love the energy of love and peace and good vibes. So, I try to create a piece that makes you feel good when you look at it. Putnam’s Feel the Love project is right up my alley.”

Artist Beth Johnston fell in love with Putnam after a visit a few years ago. “I’m new to Putnam and the community attracted me because of its art sensitivity. When I first visited the town I could tell that there’s a vibe here that artist can tune in to. Over the years I have slowly worked my way into the artist community in Putnam and this is another opportunity to be part of what Putnam is trying to do which is expand the world of artists and to bring art to the people.” Turner works with acrylics and watercolors and Ciarlante’s creations include acrylics with a dotism approach, “almost like pointillism”, according to Ciarlante. Johnston works with oil paintings and melted wax which is called encaustic where you mix layers of wax with pigment to create many different effects. “Every single painting starts with a message and an idea” said Johnston. Turner added, “When I start a painting, I ask for guidance. What’s the message? What’s the symbol? When the Feel the Love campaign came up, it just really struck me that this is something that all artists feel – passion. ”The artists met at the Courthouse Bar and Grille today and gave Sheila Frost, Business Coordinator for the PBA multiple pieces of art that will be displayed in storefronts and in businesses in Putnam for the month of February.



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